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Be sure to check the guidelines before confessing!

It’s been quite a while since the last update here due to school, personal stuff, etc. But I’d really like to revive this blog! The thing is, I can’t be too active; this semester is really strenuous. So! I’d like to add a mod or two to help out. (I’m going to try to be more active again though.)

If you’re interested, please send a submission with the following details:

  • tumblr url: 
  • photo editing program: 
  • how active you can be: 
  • and an image example of a confession! 

    You can make your example say whatever you want, but as far as size goes, I’d like it if the width didn’t go past 500px. You don’t have to follow my format, but please be sure it’s readable and that the background image matches the confession! (also if it’s fanart, please provide a source) It also needs to have the blog title somewhere on the image. (blogtitle@tumblr or somehting along those lines)

I’m also looking for a couple of mods on this confession blog as well! I’ll choose the mods by Wednesday probably, and hopefully we can work together to get some confessions going again. I can’t wait to get this blog revived!

[I love Off the Air, but when I tell people this they think I do drugs. When I tell them I do not, they just think I’m odd.]

[Jake Spidermonkey was my first cartoon crush]
[I wish more Cartoon Network fans and [adult swim] fans watched and appreciated Space Ghost Coast to Coast. It was a brilliant hilarious show, the FIRST [adult swim] show!]
[When I was younger I used to be extremely thin and I was so jealous of Raven because her thighs touched!]
[More than anything, Arceus should poop on Ash for being the worst trainer in existence, just saying.]
In response to this post!

[I absolutely think Earl Lemongrab is the most annoying character. Most Adventure Time fans can see he only uses his mental problems as an excuse for his whininess and lack of responsibility. There are better characters to like.]

[I have the gut feeling there is no metalocalypse season 5]
[I hate the new Teen Titans with a passion. I grew up with the action fighters and they changed it to some chibi bullcrap. It just pissed me off]

[I think Toki’s the cutest Dethklok member]